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Cigar Etiquette

Beginners can feel a bit overwhelmed so here is an easy beginners guide to purchasing and lounging with your cigar.

Don’t stub out the cigar

Don’t stub out a cigar when you are finished-this is probably one of the first rules expressed to the cigar smoking public and it is still relevant today. When you are done with your cigar, just lay it down in the ashtray and let it go out by itself. Smashing the nub like a cigarette is just vulgar and can release unpleasant odors.

Don’t stick it up your nose!

When choosing a cigar at a shop, don’t stick it up your nose- that’s inconsiderate of others if you put it back down. You can get the aroma from the foot of the cigar by placing it a half inch from you nose.

Don’t smoke in the Humidor

Tobacconist’s humidor are carefully controlled atmosphere and personally don’t feel cigar smoke belongs with the cigars out for sale in the humidor.

Trash talking

Trash talking cigars- everyone’s taste in cigars is always different. Smoke what you enjoy and don’t compare your cigar to what others are smoking. Just smoke the cigars you enjoy.

Properly cutting a cigar

Cut your cigar using a double blade cutter, cigar punch, or a V-cutter. Don’t use a pen knife or a box cutter, and most of all, don’t bite-off the cap. It’s is just bad taste, and can cause a number of problems, particularly unraveling.

Cutter Usage

This is similar to the cigar foot up your nose, it is just a sanitary issue. Don’t wet the cap of a cigar before cutting, especially if you are using a community cutter or borrowing a friend’s cutter.

Toasting your cigar

When toasting the foot of your cigar, take your time, and keep the flame far away from the foot as possible while still being able to char the tobacco. If using a torch lighter, you can easily ruin a cigar by holding the flame to close. When it begins to glow red, gently blow on the foot to spread the heat across the entire foot on the cigar.

Watch your ashes!

Ash management- accidents always happen but, try to anticipate when the cigar ash will drop off and gently roll it off the cigar into the ashtray.

Smoking Time

Ever notice how some cigar smokers finish their cigars in record time? Chances are they are a former cigarette smoker or still are; they’re used to puffing often. The proper way to smoke taking a hit of the cigar roughly about once a minute or two. It lets the cigar cool down a little, and allows you to pick-up on the flavors and aromas the blender intended. Cigar smoking is supposed to be relaxing. Take your time to savor it.